Who I Am and What I Do

Kristin Kauffman L.M.T


About Me's are difficult for me because I am dynamic, ever-evolving & it is hard to define the undefinable. This may be completely different a year from now! 

So let's start with the basics:  I’ve been a Massage Therapist since 2018. I am a passionate conduit for healing, who prides myself on integrity and kindness. 

I stumbled across massage therapy as I was struggling with drug abuse, depression, anxiety, & self abuse. Check out my blog to learn more.


Witnessing first-hand the restorative and balancing affects of massage, both physically and emotionally, & spritually, I knew instantly that I had found my calling. l love partnering with my clients to help them enhance their feelings of well-being. 

I would describe my massage style as deep, with a gentle approach.
I do believe pain is a defense mechanism and your body’s way of telling me to “back off!” until and issue is resolved.
You should never leave a massage feeling worse than you did before your session started, which is why I do not subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” theory. Many clients describe feeling sedated with little discomfort during their session, a significant decrease in muscle tension in problem areas, and experience little to no soreness in the days following their massage!  My intuitive approach calms your sympathetic nervous system, allowing muscle relaxation to follow! 

Please contact me to find out more!

Certifications and Licensure

Licensed Massage Therapist- State of Arizona

Table Thai Yoga Massage

Myofascial Release

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy 



Cranial Sacral Therapy

Russian Sports Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Pre-natal Massage

Ayurveda for Anxiety, Stress, Depression and PTSD

Customer Reviews

The technique, the pressure, everything, Kristin did it very well.

Maria H.