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Meet The Team

Kristin Kauffman L.M.T.

Kristin Kauffman | Massage Services Near Me in Scottsdale | MasPaz Massage

Kristin has been a Massage Therapist since 2018.

She is passionate about healing and values integrity and kindness.  Kristin discovered massage therapy while struggling with drug abuse, depression, anxiety, and self-abuse. Seeing the restorative and balancing effects of massage on both the physical and emotional levels, Kristin knew she had found her calling.


She enjoys working with clients to improve their well-being. Kristin's massage style is deep but gentle. She believes that pain is a defense mechanism and that the body's way of telling her to "back off" until an issue is resolved. She does not subscribe to the "no pain, no gain" theory and strives to ensure that clients do not leave a massage feeling worse than they did before the session began.


Many clients report feeling sedated and experiencing a significant decrease in muscle tension and little to no soreness after a massage with Kristin. She uses an intuitive approach that calms the sympathetic nervous system, allowing for muscle relaxation to occur.


Kierra Jackson L.M.T.

Kierra has been a licensed massage therapist since 2017, originally starting her practice in the Chicago area.

She is currently licensed in Arizona, where she has been practicing since 2020. In addition to her massage therapy license, Kierra holds an Associates in Science and a Cosmetology license.


Kierra discovered her passion for massage therapy while working at UPS and doing hair during the day. She found that she was most confident and skilled at the shampoo bowl, where she enjoyed massaging conditioner, shampoo, and color into clients' hair.


Kierra's massage style is intuitive and customized, as she believes that no two massages should be the same! She encourages clients to come and experience a more peaceful, holistic, and  natural way to deal with pain.

Benji  Llanes L.M.T.


Benji has been a massage therapist for three years, obtaining his license from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

His area of expertise is medical and myofascial bodywork and his massages focus on pain alleviation and relaxation.

By offering in-home services, he is able to provide the benefits of therapeutic massage in the comfort of his clients' own homes. Benji is dedicated to providing his clients with personalized care and attention to help them achieve their wellness goals. 

También Benji habla español.

Customer Reviews

The technique, the pressure, everything, Kristin did it very well.

Maria H.

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