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Where Are Your Toes? A Reminder To Be Present

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Sometimes I find myself in this cycle of, “I’m doing too much, I need to rest“ and while I’m at rest, “I’m not doing enough, I need to work harder”. I want to learn so much, so fast, WAY more than would be physically and mentally healthy for me. Not gonna lie, it can feel overwhelming at times, searching for that balance!

A wise being once told me, that depression is your mind ruminating in the past, while anxiety is your mind worried about the future. When I‘m in this cycle I recognize it as anxiety, or fear of a situation that hasn’t even occurred! These thoughts range from making sure the studio rent gets paid to ensuring I’m spending enough quality time with my daughter, dog, and husband.

Because I know that fear is an energy sucker and doesn’t serve me, I have this quick question I ask myself that usually snaps me right out of it. It may seem silly, but just hear me out!

I say out loud or to myself:


I start to squeeze and wiggle them. It immediately draws my focus away from the scenario I’ve created in my head and brings me back to reality, back to the present moment. When I start to move my feet, it reminds my brain that I am safe and secure. I begin breathing and scanning other parts of my body feeling the different sensations in each part.

Our bodies are a physical reminder that all we have is the present moment. This moniker, or whatever body part you choose may help connect the two when you recognize you’re in a cycle of depressive or anxious thoughts.

I hope this helps!

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