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Peace At The Park: Movement Meditation with Qigong, April Recap.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, it is understood that we are composed of life force energy or Qi (”chi”). This Qi is organized into channels or meridians. These channels run along and through every organ and cell in our body.

Many times our Qi may be moving too fast, too slow, or may not be moving at all. When there is an interruption in Qi flow, dis-ease arises in the physical body. For example:

  • liver qi in excess can lead to high blood pressure

  • lung qi stagnation can cause mucus build up and excess coughing

  • kidney qi deficiency can cause symptoms of memory loss and knee pain

Your Qi can become imbalanced due to poor diet, lack of rest, emotional disturbances, lack of water, and impurities in our external environment just to name a few.

The purpose of qigong is to smooth the qi flow in these meridians through a series of purging followed by flowing movements. By balancing our qi, we can active our life energy, stimulate vitality, calm our minds, improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and reduce physical pain and dis-ease.

Below is a beginner’s qigong video made by Marissa Cranfill, the founder of YOQI (yoga + qigong) that we followed along with.

Try it for yourself and discover how in tune you can be in your mind, and body. You can actually feel your Qi coursing through your body. There‘s one point where you create an energy ball with this qi—and it feels like a physical ball—an incredible and powerful sensation if you haven’t experienced this before! Watch the video more than once and incorporate it into your weekly routine and you’ll notice a change in your energy, and for me personally, reduced neck and back pain. Let me know what you think!



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QiWizKris is the pseudonym for Kristin Kauffman

Kristin is the owner of MasPaz Massage where she specializes in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi in Scottsdale, AZ. Read more about Kristin and her journey to the wonderful lifestyle that is massage therapy here

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