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Peace At The Park: Planting Seeds For Growth, March Recap

A couple weeks ago I had this vision inspired by my amazing friends: to come together as women and literally just be. I wanted to create a space where we could meditate, laugh, cry, and talk life in nature— a casual way for us to raise the vibrations in our lives and those around us.

Long story short, it was incredible and I’d love to share the theme and message for March 2022 with you (yep, it’s official, I’m making it a monthly thing with a new theme/activity each time!)

After introductions, a few snacks, and a couple moments of grounding and meditation, we began with the lesson and then the activity:

"The only remedy for an absence is a presence." So by telling ourselves we are not good enough, for example, we are only feeding in to the absence of self-esteem and not to it's presence.

The Lesson: Planting Seeds for Growth

Everything we want in the life is on the other side of our challenges, our doubts, fears, and self-limiting beliefs. I mean, that's what growth is right? Being uncomfortable and stretching yourself so that you may transform.

In order to do this, we must first identify these challenges acknowledge them as our truth. Once we acknowledge our truth, we can be observers of that truth choosing to love instead of judge, so that we may be able to let go of any negative holds it has on us.

Some call this shadow work because you are flooding your darker side with Light. When we ignore our shadow we become depressed or anxious, may experience low self esteem or acts of self-sabotage and much more.

Scientifically and metaphorically speaking, a shadow is caused by the absence of light. Gary Zukav wrote, "The only remedy for an absence is a presence." So by telling ourselves we are not good enough, for example, we are only feeding in to the absence of self-esteem and not to it's presence.

Practicing shadow work can help you improve your physical and mental health, improve your relationship with others and help you find hidden talents--like me writing this blog or even hosting this event! There are many ways you can start your journey into the shadow which you can find here. For me, meditation and journaling being a huge part of my journey!

I'm a sucker for a good metaphor so I thought planting actually seeds would be a great shadow work activity for us!

The Activity:

I decided on marigolds because they are beautiful and also for its symbolism in so many cultures. Marigolds represent the sun--- our greatest source of Light! Margiolds also symbolize optimism, healing, growth and resurrection.

We had a planting station with the seeds, dirt, starter pots, water, and stakes where we could write a challenge or something we were ready to let grow of on one side, and something we want to grow into or manifest on the other. That way we can literally watch our desires grow!

As they we were coming up with our responses, we were invited to think about the following:

  • Overcoming ____ will help me achieve _____

  • I am ready to let go of _____ so I can move forward with _____

  • In the same way that this marigold will need water, light, and food, what do I need to help me grow?

After we were done writing we shared and discussed openely and without judgement. It was amazing finding out how much we all had in common!

Final Thoughts:

I pointed out that the pots we used were simply starter plants, and eventually the marigolds will outgrow them. They may suddenly stop growing completely or lean, but eventually, in order to make more progress it will need a bigger environment.

I encouraged them to think of the plants ever-expanding pot to our own environment---externally and internally. Feeling stuck or stagnant may be our souls way of telling us we need a new environment, a new pattern of thinking-- a bigger pot, expansion. This cycle will continue, we call it life!

If you're reading this I encourage you to plant your own seeds for growth and use this a a guide and activity by yourself of with a group of loved ones so you can help raise each other higher!

I hope this helps!


Sunday April 10, 2022 3pm

Qual Run Basin Park

Official Address:

18434 N 12th St

Phoenix, AZ 85022

please park on 9th St and Union Hills

**Bring a blanket or yoga mat and water!

** This is a gathering for women and those who identify as women

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