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3 Ways Get Free and Low Cost Mental Health Services

In my very first blog post about my journey to massage therapy and self-discovery, I'd mentioned doing a post about the ways that I was able to access typically pricey mental heath services for little to no cost. This is that post!

Since May is Mental Health Awareness I figured now would be the perfect time.

I'm hopeful you will find something that works for you on your journey, so here we go:

1. Talk to Your Employer

Find out what mental health services are offered through your job, especially if you work for a large corporation like Synchrony Bank or American Express. Companies like these typically have programs or groups that are geared towards mindfulness, stress relief, and even free counseling. I worked for a bank which offered an Employee Assistance Program or EAP which included10 free counseling sessions. Yes, you read that correctly, TEN FREE COUNSELING SESSIONS. So it's definitely worth talking to a manager or supervisor to see what programs are available to you.

2. Your Insurance Provider

Take a look at your insurance plan (go online or call) to see if counseling or psychiatry services are included in your plan. If not, during a Special or Open Enrollment Period, be sure to shop for plans that include these services. If you are on public assistance, contact your local office to find out if your plans include mental health services. Many states, including Arizona are making mental health a priority, and you may be surprised to find this may be included in your plan!

3. Trade Your Service

I can not stress enough the importance of leveraging your skills as a resource to get the things you need. If you have a skill or offer a service, reach out to local mental health professionals and offer a trade. It could be anything from house/office cleaning, babysitting, hemming clothes, plumbing, you name it! There is a professional out there who is in need of what you have to offer and vice versa. It's a win-win. I was to trade my massage therapy service for hypnotherapy and it was life changing, you just have to find that person (usually an independent professional) who is willing to work with you. You can do it!

Helpful Links and Free Resources

The following are free PDF's to books that have been and continue to be helpful for me on my journey:

If you learn best by listening most of these books can be found in audiobook format on 101Audiobooks or Youtube. If you can't find them there, download your city's library app. For example, if you like in Phoenix you can download HOOPLA, the app for the Phoenix Public Library and listen to the audiobooks, read e-books, download movies and music for free!

Peace, Love, and Light,


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